LASIK and Cataract

LASIK and Cataract – (Surgical Comanagement)

At Cynthia Broady Optometry, we work with some of the most skilled surgeons in Orange County to ensure you get the best care possible. For some people refractive surgery is something they have never thought of, for others it is something that they have been too scared to ask. Given the excellent outcomes afforded by the newest technology, surgical intervention is more reliable than ever.

If you are interested in refractive surgery (surgery to reduce the need for glasses), the process is actually fairly simple. First and foremost, our doctors will conduct a thorough exam to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure, as well as talk you through the specific procedure you are interested in and answer any questions you might have. Should you decide that you would like to proceed, we will get you a consult with a local surgeon for a few extra tests and to go over any final questions you might have, as well as to schedule the surgery. Depending on the procedure performed, the surgeon may choose to see you a few times after the surgery, but the remainder of your post-operative care will be conveniently provided through our office.

If you are interested in using surgery to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses, or if you feel your cataracts have become bothersome, call to schedule an appointment and let our doctors help you decide what surgery is best suited to your specific needs!